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Case study – Anita Cullen, Cataract Surgery

Anita’s story 

Housewife and former dental nurse Anita Cullen had had a cataract for many years. At first, this only affected her vision in small ways, but as time went by it became progressively worse. At the age of 61, it was getting to the stage where her eyesight was severely affected, leaving her almost blind in her right eye. As her condition started to impact on daily life, it was time to think about eye surgery.  

Anita searched online and came across Mr Venki Sundaram on the Spire website. “I chose Mr Sundaram because I was impressed by his resume,” she explains. Specialising in cataract surgery, the consultant ophthalmic surgeon had the qualifications and expertise she was looking for to treat her right eye. 

Another thing she valued was the speed at which she could be seen. “I was able to see him quickly, which was important because the cataract deteriorated around Christmas time and was giving a lot of discomfort,” she remembers. Anita’s cataract surgery was scheduled for January. Six months later, we caught up with Anita to find out how this operation has changed her life. 

On the day 

In January 2019, Anita underwent cataract surgery with Mr Venki Sundaram. Cataract surgery is a common procedure with a high success rate, but the prospect of any operation can be nerve-wracking. Luckily, Anita’s apprehensions were put to rest by her surgeon and the team. “I was nervous, Mr Sundaram was calm and reassuring,” she says. 

Because cataract surgery is a micro-incisional procedure, there’s usually no need to go under general anaesthetic. All that’s normally needed is an anaesthetic eye drop to numb the feeling in the eye, which Anita had. 

After a painless procedure that took just 10 minutes, it was all over. “The operation went smoothly, and my experience was excellent,” reports Anita. She was allowed to go home on the same day. After this, everything progressed normally, as Anita’s eye slowly healed. “My recovery took approximately 2 weeks,” she remembers. 

The results 

Six months on, and Anita’s eyesight is now clear in both eyes, allowing her to carry on with daily activities as normal. 

“Following the operation, my vision is perfect in the right eye,” reports Anita. “I can now see everything much more clearly, which has improved my life greatly.” 

Anita was careful to follow all the aftercare advice offered by Mr Sundaram, which included using eye drops as instructed, using an eye shield at night time for one week , and going without makeup for 4 weeks following the operation. This allowed her right eye to recover fully. 

It took years for Anita to go for surgery, but her vision was transformed in just 10 minutes. At the end of her patient journey, would Anita recommend Mr Sundaram to others? 

“Yes, I would definitely recommend Mr Sundaram, he was very helpful and the result has been excellent,” she says. 

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