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Case Study – Haydn Thomas, Cataract Surgery

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Haydn’s story

Haydn Thomas’s had been suffering with his eyesight for some time. He first had to wear glasses ten years ago for close up work, such as reading or using the computer. Since 2018, he has needed to introduce glasses for day-to-day activities such as driving, watching TV and taking part in physical activities, such as skiing.

Eventually, Haydn’s eyesight had begun to deteriorate to the point where it was not safe to drive, difficult to work and general activities had become potentially dangerous.

In February 2021, Haydn Thomas was diagnosed with cataracts.

As a result of this diagnosis, Haydn was advised to refrain from driving with immediate effect, and as an active 54-year-old in the process of setting up a new business, Haydn quickly realised that he would need medical intervention in order to maintain and improve his way of life.

Haydn had a general idea of the procedure that would be needed, and had undertaken research into the best eye surgeon for him. Quickly settling on Mr. Venki Sundaram, Haydn never looked back.

“From the first meeting to the last check-up, I found Mr. Venki Sundaram to be extremely efficient. He explained each step and welcomed and answered my concerns and questions.”

The procedure

Haydn had cataract surgery, with two procedures separated by five days, to replace the lenses in both eyes with multifocal lenses. Both procedures were day procedures and took no longer than three hours from arrival to departure.

“During the two days I had the procedures I found the staff at the clinic to be friendly, polite and considerate. The administration of the practice was efficient, notifying me early of appointment dates and arranging Covid tests,” said Haydn.

Within a day of each operation, it was possible for Haydn to remove the clear Perspex coverings and he felt very little discomfort. The remaining discomfort, which he described as “negligible”, took two to three days to subside so it was not noticeable.  After a week, his eyes had really settled back. There was a course of four weeks of drops to follow up (From 12 drops to four a day).

“What I do want to impress”, commented Haydn, “is that as soon as I came out of the procedure, I could notice a difference. Whilst I had a clear Perspex cover over the eye, I could look through the holes and it was possible to see the change.”

When asked how Haydn found the whole experience, his response was;

“The procedure is quick (mine were no more than 10 minutes each) and it is not without a little discomfort, as with any surgery. However, the benefits it brings far outweigh anything I can imagine… it is truly life changing. If your eyesight can be corrected using this procedure then I would recommend doing it, even if the only benefit is not to have to wear glasses again. I am in constant awe that Dr. Venki Sundaram conducts this procedure many times a week and makes such a difference to so many people’s lives.”

The results

Like many people, Haydn Thomas found that the impact of the global pandemic had led to him re-evaluating his life. The results of the procedure have now enabled him to make significant decisions on his professional future. He can also enjoy cycling, watching TV, cooking, reading and driving again!

“I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Venki Sundaram to anybody considering this procedure. The outcome of my procedures has been excellent and I was looked after at each stage of the process. I can now see clearly and do not need glasses. My vision is effectively back to where it was when I was a teenager. I can see long and short distance with impressive detail.

“Everything that I used to avoid I can now do without worry. I can confidently undertake tasks which I had avoided and can also drive again. It is almost two months since the operation and I am still noticing improvements and I can honestly say I wake up every morning, astonished by the detail I can see. I am very thankful for this procedure and I am amazed by the improvement that has been made.”

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