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Case Study – Jacqueline Willis, Cataract Surgery

profile photograph of Jacqueline Willis

Jacqueline’s story

Having worn contact lenses and glasses since an incredibly young age, Jacqueline Willis has struggled with her vision for most of her life, and in April 2020, Jacqueline underwent surgery to repair a detached retina.

Unfortunately, a cataract in her left eye developed quite quickly after this surgery and her sight began to deteriorate. This affected her ability to read and use the computer and iPad, causing problems in her job as an Early Years Keyworker.

“Part of my work requires me to record observations on the children using an iPad. This was hard as I could barely see what I was typing. When reading a story to a class of 40 children, I found it difficult to hold the book up so the children could see, as I could not see the print.”

Jacqueline decided something needed to be done in order to help her at work. She got in touch with her insurance company and Mr Sundaram’s name was recommended. She explains, “when I got off the telephone, I looked up Mr Sundaram’s profile and was satisfied with my decision especially as he had trained at Moorfields.”

After agreeing to be treated by Mr. Venki Sundaram, Jacqueline was very impressed with his service.

“During my first consultation, Mr Sundaram was professional but also friendly and reassuring making me feel comfortable and able to ask questions. On my second visit I was impressed that Mr Sundaram remembered where I worked, showing that he has an interest in his patients.”

The procedure

Jacqueline had cataract and replacement lens surgery. After having a bad experience the last time she had surgery, Jacqueline understandably had her doubts.

Prior to the operation, she was a bit apprehensive about not having a sedative, but Mr Sundaram reassured her concerns.

“Before the operation, I was a little unsure about not having a sedative. Mr Sundaram reassured me that it was not necessary explaining what anaesthesia would be used.”

She also added that “on the day of the operation Mr Sundaram came in before the procedure again asking if I had any questions”, ensuring everything was in place to help her feel at ease. Jacqueline went on to explain how the procedure went “very smoothly.”

When discussing how long it took to recover from the surgery, she explained how she “was surprised at how quick the procedure was.” Jacqueline also added that she was able to recover from the surgery “within 24 hours”, adding that “it was a little painful during the first night” but was “all fine” the next day.

The results

The results of the procedure have helped Jacqueline Willis enjoy watching TV, swimming, reading and driving once again as well as allowing her to appreciate the little things in life.

“It’s the day-to-day things that other people take for granted like being able to see the clock/watch when you wake up, seeing signs in shops, the number on the petrol pump when you are paying, putting make up on, doing your hair, I could go on and on…”

When asked if she would recommend Mr. Venki Sundaram as an eye surgeon, Jacqueline replied with no hesitation; “Yes, definitely.”

Thanks to his fine work, Jacqueline no longer needs to run around trying to find her reading glasses to see the computer screen at work anymore.

“My vision is so much better. Having worn contact lenses and glasses since a very young age I had become used to not seeing as well; the vision was ok but now everything is so much sharper.”

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