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Case Study – Vic Brown, Cataract Surgery

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Vic’s story

Vic Brown had been having trouble with his vision for a long time and had needed to wear glasses for both short and long distances for over 30 years.

As you can imagine, Vic’s vision slowly deteriorated over this time. This deterioration meant that Vic wasn’t able to enjoy doing the things he loved most during his retirement, so he decided to get his eyes checked to find out what the issue was.

He was quickly made aware that both of his eyes had begun to develop cataracts.

“I had lost a great deal of vision in one eye due to a cataract and the second eye was also developing a cataract. I was finding it increasingly more difficult to see”, explained Vic.

After hearing this diagnosis, Vic got in touch with his insurers who recommended Mr. Venki Sundaram without hesitation. After meeting each other for the first time in person, Vic was very impressed with Mr Sundaram and knew he was is in safe hands from the beginning.

“When I first met him, I was instantly impressed with his manner and professionalism which gave me great confidence.”

The procedure

Vic underwent cataract surgery to remove cataracts in both of his eyes in April and May 2021. Considering that the procedures took place over lockdown, Vic was impressed with the planning of the surgery to make sure the correct protocols were followed.

“This whole procedure was during the latest Covid ‘lockdown’, and everything was very well managed and appointments including surgery went smoothly as planned.”

Before going into the operation, Vic admits that he was a little concerned, but was never scared thanks to Mr Sundaram’s professionalism.

“Not once was I scared as Venki and his team were so professional and gave me every confidence that they knew exactly what they were doing at all times.”

When asked about how the operation went, Vic was surprised at how smooth it was. He was also very impressed at how quick it was.

“Both operations went very smoothly and were quicker and not as intrusive as I had imagined.”

Vic explained how it didn’t take long for him to recover from the operation. In fact, he was able to see the improvement in his vision straight away.

“Immediately after the operation was over, I was able to see without the aid of glasses which was a major improvement within minutes. I followed the program of applying eye drops for a period of four weeks on each eye and everything went to plan.”

The results

Now retired, Vic Brown wanted to enjoy his retirement by getting the most out of what he loves doing most in life. However, he wasn’t able to do that due to the troubles he had with his vision. Thanks to his cataract surgery being a huge success, the results of the procedure have given him much more freedom in life.

“Not having to wear glasses has given me so much more freedom. The brightness and clarity of my vision has been quite exhilarating and life enhancing.”

Unsurprisingly, when asked whether he would recommend Mr. Venki Sundaram as an eye surgeon, Vic’s answer was resounding: “absolutely.”

As a result of Mr Sundaram’s excellent work, Vic expressed how it is now a “pleasure to do virtually all everyday things” without having to wear glasses. Vic is now able to play tennis and golf as well as driving his car without them – and he’s looking forward to enjoying his retirement with improved vision!

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