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Myopic Degeneration

What is myopic degeneration and how is it caused?

Myopic degeneration is the damage caused to the retina as a result of abnormal blood vessels and stretching of the eye due to high myopia (also known as short sightedness).

Myopia is a condition where the eyeball grows to a greater length than usual, causing individuals to see close objects clearly but distant objects appear blurry.

The stretching of the eye and thinning of the retina that occurs can lead to bleeding and leaking of fluid into the retina, negatively affecting vision.

What are the main symptoms to look out for?

Main symptoms include;

  • Reduced vision
  • Distortion of images – blurring/spotting

People with high myopia are more susceptible to other eye conditions, such as retinal detachment and glaucoma, so should have regular check-ups and keep an eye out for any sudden changes in vision.

How is the condition diagnosed?

Myopic degeneration is diagnosed by ophthalmic examination including retinal imaging.

An illustration of retinal bleeding
at the macula in a patient with high myopia

Is there any treatment available for myopic degeneration?

AntiVEGF therapy can be used to target the abnormal blood vessels and any bleeding or leaking that has occurred in the eye as a result of myopic degeneration. It has proven to be extremely effective in the improvement and prevention of vision loss.

This treatment involves an injection of AntiVEGF (such as Avastin, Eylea or Lucentis) into the vitreous jelly in the eye.

The procedure as a whole is only around 5 minutes long with the patient being able to return to normal activities immediately.

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