Mr Venki Sundaram
Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
MD FRCOphth MRCOphth BMBCh BSc Harpenden / Cobham Clinic: 01582 714451 Bushey: 0208 901 5561


This treatment has given me back years of my life, returning my confidence and ability to conduct myself normally when outside the home environment. Mr Sundaram’s friendly, approachable, relaxed and non-hurried nature, leaves me with no reason not to recommend him.
SJ, May 2019


Within 24 hours I could not believe the improvement in my sight! I now have proper long-distance vision in both my eyes that is great for day-to day-things like driving, walking and cycling. I was very happy with my surgery and I would 100% recommend Venki Sundaram as an eye surgeon.
KM, Aug 2019


The operation went smoothly, and my experience was excellent. I can now see everything much more clearly, which has improved my life greatly. I would definitely recommend Mr Sundaram, he was very helpful and the result has been excellent.
AC, Jan 2019


I am really pleased with the outcome of my operations, being able to see distance for the first time in 50 years.
SF, Dec 2018


Mr Sundaram’s pleasant and ‘matter of fact’ approach was much appreciated. The whole procedure and aftermath was completely without problem. The support offered by the Spire was also excellent. Thanks to Mr Sundaram for an excellent life enhancing procedure.
JB, Nov 2018


My treatment by Mr Sundaram has been excellent in every way. I would recommend him to other people without hesitation. Thank you.
MR, Oct 2018


I am delighted with the outcome of both eyes after cataract surgery. I can see better than I have for years and my eye sight changed completely for the better. I am grateful to Mr Sundaram. Many thanks.
AW, Sep 2018


Although I was a little anxious before the op, it proved to be a painless and comfortable procedure. My vision is transformed - colour, clarity, definition and range have vastly improved. Presently not requiring spectacles for the first time in 17 years - absolutely delighted! Thank you very much, this has changed my life.
SH, Aug 2018


Mr Sundaram was thorough, caring and considerate - both operations went smoothly.
BL, July 2018


I am very happy with the outcome of my recent cataract surgery under the care of Mr Sundaram. My vision has much improved. I was also happy with the care I received from the hospital staff.
KM, June 2018


Dear Mr Sundaram, I feel I could not have received better care having undergone completely pain free and comfortable surgery. Six weeks on from the operations I now only need to wear glasses for very close work, being able to watch TV, reading the subtitles without glasses. Feeling so happy with the outcome. I am most grateful that I was given the opportunity to have the surgery.
JM, May 2018


Dear Mr Sundaram, thank you for the wonderful treatment I had from you in dealing with my cataracts. I was completely reassured by yourself throughout the whole process.
EC, April 2018


Dear Mr Sundaram, I want to say thank you for the excellent friendly service (and patience) you showed to my 95 year old mother during her two cataract procedures. I would not hesitate to recommend your professional services at Spire Hospital Harpenden. With thanks on behalf of my mother and myself.
SN and PB, Feb 2018


I had a cataract procedure and would like to say I am so pleased with the result. It has given me my sight back so I would just like to say a big thank you to Mr Sundaram and his team for making me feel so relaxed.
SL, Dec 2017


I was fortunate in becoming a patient of Mr Sundaram, charming, caring, a man who listens and is easy to talk to. After two cataract operations, I am delighted.
PB, Nov 2017


I had a cataract operation on my right eye by Mr Venki Sundaram. I am very pleased to say that the operation was a wonderful success. Now 6 weeks later, my eyesight is near perfect. In the beginning I was extremely nervous having heard rumours of peoples’ experiences with this type of operation. I can only say that in my experience everything was a comfortable experience which I am pleased to say was a wonderful success. My sincere thanks and gratitude to the staff at Pinehill Hospital and most of all to Mr Sundaram with whom I would have no hesitation to have him perform the operation on my other eye should it become necessary in the future.
RM, Oct 2017


Dear Mr Sundaram, thank you so very much for the procedures you carried out for me concerning my eyes. It has been completely life changing for me after having such short sighted eyes for all my life. I can honestly say I can see so well now, it is still a huge surprise to me. Thank you for patience and professionalism throughout the time I spent at Pinehill Hospital.
JB, Oct 2017


Dear Mr Sundaram, just a few lines to express my gratitude for the excellent service I received during my two cataract procedures. Everyone concerned was terrific. I would have no qualms recommending Pinehill Hospital and the service to my friends and relatives.
MN, Oct 2017


I am writing to advise you of how pleased I was with the care that I received during my recent cataract operation. At my initial consultation, Mr Sundaram immediately put my mind at rest concerning the procedure. This was very important as I was very nervous about what to expect. When I was admitted to Spire Harpenden for the procedure, Mr Sundaram made sure that I was fully aware of what was happening at each stage. Mr Sundaram telephoned me at home after the treatment to ensure that everything was well. I appreciated this unexpected action. I would recommend Mr Sundaram to anyone considering having eye treatment.
JL, Sep 2017


Dr Mr Sundaram, I felt I must write to express my thanks for the treatment I received at Pinehill Hospital. From the admin staff, to reception both upstairs and down, to the nursing staff both on the ward and in theatre and lastly yourself. I am very pleased with the outcome of my two cataract operations and with the speed it was carried out. I would not hesitate in recommending Pinehill to anyone who asked. Thank you all once again, particularly you and your expertise.
BT, Sep 2017


I recently had cataracts removed from both my eyes at the Pinehill Hospital under the care of Mr Sundaram. At the consultation I had with Mr Sundaram prior to the operations he was courteous and most helpful in explaining to me the proposed procedures. He was able to answer all my questions and gave me the confidence to decide to go ahead with the surgery. The staff at Pinehill were friendly and professional. I was seen promptly at each appointment and there was a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the hospital. It is now 4 weeks since my final surgery and I had my last consultation with Mr Sundara, last week when he informed me that the two procedures had been successful. I’m so pleased that I had the cataracts removed and delighted with the improvement it has made to my sight.
MD, Aug 2017


Dear Mr Sundaram, I am writing to thank you and your team for the treatment I received during the two cataract operations I had this year - my sight is restored to a most remarkable degree, and I delight in the brilliance of the world about me. I was told in detail what would happen to me, and would therefore follow the procedure calmly, and everyone was helpful and efficient in a clean and orderly environment. There was no nervousness approaching my second event! Thank you all.
JW, July 2017


Dear Mr Sundaram, thank you so much for the care and attention you gave for my recent cataract operation. The treatment I received from you and your staff was excellent. The whole experience was at all times the very best. Many, many thanks.
RT, July 2017


Dear Mr Sundaram, thank you so much for the swift and efficient way you treated my cataracts. There operations have given me such good sight especially as my short sight has also been corrected. My one regret is not coming to you sooner.
MH, June 2017


Dear Mr Sundaram, from my first meeting with you, you have made me completely comfortable both with what was happening and regarding the procedure itself. You explained everything clearly and in understandable terms. The procedure went exactly as you had explained and I was well looked after. Having just had my check-up I am pleased that my vision is now perfect, the thumbprint type disturbance I was experiencing has gone and I can now read without my glasses and watch TV in bed without waking up to find my glasses askew and in danger of damage. Thank you for your help and for making the whole experience as easy as it was.
RA, June 2017


To Mr Sundaram, thank you to yourself and your team of assistants for all you have done for me over the last few months. I am overjoyed to have my eyesight restored again. Very sincere thanks and gratitude to you all.
VP, June 2017


To Mr Sundaram, we would like to thank you so very very much indeed for doing R’s cataracts. You really have been so friendly yet efficient and made a really good job. Our grateful thanks.
R+A M, June 2017


Dear Mr Sundaram, I am writing in reference to the two cataract removal procedures you carried out on my eyes. I am very pleased with the results. My eye sight is greatly improved and it has made a difference to tasks that I carry out. It brings me great pleasure to see the bright colours of flowers in my garden. Also the way I was treated having the surgery and after care was a pleasant experience.
PW, May 2017


Dear Mr Sundaram, my cataract operation has been a brilliant success. A professional, painless experience from my first consultation to my last examination.
RT, May 2017


I had cataracts in both eyes and was very nervous. Mr Sundaram put me at my ease and gave me confidence. I had the two operations within a month (completely painless). Straight forwards and supported recovery afterwards. The results are amazing - I can see a long way and everything is bright and clear. Thank you Mr Sundaram and the staff at Pinehill Hospital. I would highly recommend Mr Sundaram - a highly skilled and caring surgeon.
BM, Apr 2017


I wish to put my grateful thanks forward following my cataract operation. Treatment throughout was most satisfactory and attentive, making the whole experience very pleasant and relaxing. Thank you to all the staff involved and to Mr Sundaram’s wonderful manner.
SP, Apr 2017


Dear Mr Sundaram, I would like to express my great satisfaction with the service and professionalism you and the staff gave me. As an elderly gentleman you all had a lot of patience with me and explained the procedure so I could understand easily. My surgery was a complete success and I can now see much better. I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.
PR, Mar 2017


To Mr V Sundaram, medical and support staff - thank you for all the professional, attentive and friendly service.
MP, Mar 2017


I recently had cataract surgery carried out by Mr Venki Sundaram. I had first class treatment throughout the procedure and I am completely happy with the result.
JB, Feb 2017


I have been a patient of Mr Venki Sundaram at Pinehill Hospital where he carried out eye surgery for the removal of cataracts in both my eyes. The initial consultation was very informative and explained thoroughly what would happen when the surgery took place. From consultation; surgery to check up, I could not fault anything, extremely professional and made me feel at ease being as I was an anxious patient. Both eyes have had cataracts removed successfully.
PL, Feb 2017


Dear Mr Sundaram, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and all your team for the dedication, skill, care and compassion shown to me during my recent operation at Pinehill Hospital. I wish you and your team all the best for your future endeavours.
FH, Jan 2017


Dear Sir, thank you for performing two cataract removal procedures on my left and right eye. My sight is greatly improved. I am also aware that a patient has to have confidence in the surgeon and I must say that you gave me that confidence pre, during and post operation. Thank you again.
FL, Jan 2017


To Mr Sundaram and his team, huge thanks are due, once again, to you all for the wonderful care and treatment I received during my recent cataract operation. Again, I am delighted with the result. I wish you all every success in all you do in the future. With my best wishes.
KL, Jan 2017


I want to thank you for coming to see me at London Medical last week. You were, of course, extremely professional and examined my eye so carefully.
JM, Jan 2017


I write to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful way you have treated me for cataracts in both my eyes. I was amazed to find how much better I could see after the operations. I am most grateful for you superb attention and I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to see you should they have an eye problem.
WT, Dec 2016


Dear Mr Sundaram, thank you very much for carrying out cataract operations on my eyes. The operations were carried out with what I saw as great professionalism and I was put at ease throughout the procedures. My eyes have healed well and I can now go about my life so much "normally" without the inconvenience of glasses/contact lenses. Thanks again and regards.
RD, Dec 2016


Dear Mr Sundaram, just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the teaching, support and guidance!
Junior Doctor, Dec 2016


Thank you for my recent cataract surgery which I am pleased with.
PH, Nov 2016


Thank you Mr Sundaram (and your staff) for the excellent care I received. The results are fantastic and I have have got a large part of my life back. You managed to be very professional, combined with small talk. I felt completely at ease at my first consultation. Many, many thanks.
DL, Nov 2016


Thank you Mr Sundaram and your nurses for your wonderful work. It is lovely to be able to see so well again.
RL, Oct 2016


I recently had my cataracts removed by Mr Sundaram at Pinehill Hospital. My eyesight is much improved and I am pleased with the results. I found Mr Sundaram very pleasant and easy to converse with. During the operations he kept me informed of each step and reassured me that everything was going well.
JB, Oct 2016


My heartfelt thanks for the wonderful care and treatment I received for my recent cataract operation. I am amazed and delighted with the result.
KL, Sept 2016


Mr Sundaram inspires confidence. He precisely and calmly explains procedures - all of which results in greatly enhanced vision.
IS, Aug 2016


I write to thank you so very much for carrying out the cataract surgery on both of my eyes. The results have been amazing, with a huge improvement in my vision and now without the need for spectacles for normal sight – I have been wearing spectacles for 45 years and the effect is so liberating as I no longer have to wear spectacles to see things clearly; in fact my vision is far, far better now without spectacles than it was before with them!
RF, June 2016


Sincere thanks for all the help you gave us – it was exactly the reassurance we needed and much appreciated.
PM, May 2016


Thank you for listening to me.
HT, April 2016


Thank you to you and your team for operating on my cataracts. I am very pleased with the results.
AC, March 2016


I am very grateful to you for operating on both of my eyes and for the laser treatment. I am really happy with the results – many thanks.
PK, Dec 2015


I am so thankful having you as my Consultant and thank you for having much patience with me, I am very grateful. I felt so spoilt with the treatment. You are a very kind man, thank you for looking after me on the day of my surgery.
JM, Oct 2015