Mr Venki Sundaram
Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
MD FRCOphth MRCOphth BMBCh BSc Harpenden / Cobham Clinic: 01582 714451 Bushey: 0208 901 5561

Difficulty Driving at Night

view from backseat of someone driving at night

Why you may be having difficulty driving at night

Troublesome glare when driving at night-time can often be due to cataracts and be a significant impediment to a person’s quality of life activities, and even stop them driving at night. Glare and halos around headlights, streetlights or motorway road signs are characteristic symptoms.

How to improve your night-time vision

Cataracts are often the main reason why people experience difficulty when driving at night-time, but the good news is that this can be easily treated with cataract surgery. For example, 54-year-old Haydn Thomas can now drive again safely after a quick and simple treatment (taking no more than 10 minutes per eye).

When to seek treatment

Clear vision when driving is a must: if you find that your eyesight is compromising the safety of road users, it’s essential that you stop driving and seek treatment straight away. By intervening early, you’re more likely to be able to treat your night-time difficulty and prevent it from getting worse.

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