Mr Venki Sundaram
Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
MD FRCOphth MRCOphth BMBCh BSc Harpenden / Cobham Clinic: 01582 714451 Bushey: 0208 901 5561

Case Study – Vic Brown, Cataract Surgery

Vic’s story

Vic Brown had been having trouble with his vision for a long time and had needed to wear glasses for both short and long distances for over 30 years.

As you can imagine, Vic’s vision slowly deteriorated over this time. This deterioration meant that Vic wasn’t able to enjoy doing the things he loved most during his retirement, so he decided to get his eyes checked to find out what the issue was.


Case Study – Jacqueline Willis, Cataract Surgery

Jacqueline’s story

Having worn contact lenses and glasses since an incredibly young age, Jacqueline Willis has struggled with her vision for most of her life, and in April 2020, Jacqueline underwent surgery to repair a detached retina.

Unfortunately, a cataract in her left eye developed quite quickly after this surgery and her sight began to deteriorate. This affected her ability to read and use the computer and iPad, causing problems in her job as an Early Years Keyworker.


Case Study – Haydn Thomas, Cataract Surgery

Haydn’s story

Haydn Thomas’s had been suffering with his eyesight for some time. He first had to wear glasses ten years ago for close up work, such as reading or using the computer. Since 2018, he has needed to introduce glasses for day-to-day activities such as driving, watching TV and taking part in physical activities, such as skiing.

Eventually, Haydn’s eyesight had begun to deteriorate to the point where it was not safe to drive, difficult to work and general activities had become potentially dangerous.


Case study – Kevin Moorhouse, Cataract Surgery

Kevin’s story

As a director in a broadcast company, Kevin’s career is largely orientated around work on PCs and his eyesight is crucial.

Kevin had a cataract in his left eye, meaning that his left eye was out of focus for longer distance sight. This was beginning to make driving very difficult for him, as well as having an impact on his ability to carry out general day-to-day tasks.

After seeking advice from his medical aid, BUPA, he was given a list of recommendations of their preferred surgeons. Along with his wife, he looked at their profiles online and they opted for Mr Venki Sundaram to carry out the surgery. Kevin commented, “when looking at his website, he had a lot of experience.”

We caught up with Kevin to hear about his experiences with surgeon, Mr Sundaram, and his thoughts post-operation.


Case study – Anita Cullen, Cataract Surgery

Anita’s story 

Housewife and former dental nurse Anita Cullen had had a cataract for many years. At first, this only affected her vision in small ways, but as time went by it became progressively worse. At the age of 61, it was getting to the stage where her eyesight was severely affected, leaving her almost blind in her right eye. As her condition started to impact on daily life, it was time to think about eye surgery.  

Anita searched online and came across Mr Venki Sundaram on the Spire website. “I chose Mr Sundaram because I was impressed by his resume,” she explains. Specialising in cataract surgery, the consultant ophthalmic surgeon had the qualifications and expertise she was looking for to treat her right eye. 

Another thing she valued was the speed at which she could be seen. “I was able to see him quickly, which was important because the cataract deteriorated around Christmas time and was giving a lot of discomfort,” she remembers. Anita’s cataract surgery was scheduled for January. Six months later, we caught up with Anita to find out how this operation has changed her life. 


Case Study – Steven Johnston, Cataract Surgery

Steven’s story

At 56 years of age, Steven’s cataracts were beginning to severely affect his life and he was told by his optician that they would potentially cause him to go blind within 12 weeks. After receiving this frightening news, Steven immediately started looking into surgery. As an Architectural Technologist and Senior Design Manager, Steven’s career is heavily dependent on his eyesight, especially when looking at document plans as well as attending site inspections for potential projects, so there was a lot at stake.

To avoid the long waiting list that often comes with the NHS, Steven opted to go private, deciding on The Spire and surgeon, Mr Venki Sundaram, down to them both having an excellent reputation and being easily accessible to him from home.

We caught up with Steven to hear more about his surgery journey as well as his thoughts and feelings on the process and surgeon, Mr Sundaram.