Mr Venki Sundaram
Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

Case Study – Steven Johnston, Cataract Surgery

Steven’s story

At 56 years of age, Steven’s cataracts were beginning to severely affect his life and he was told by his optician that they would potentially cause him to go blind within 12 weeks. After receiving this frightening news, Steven immediately started looking into surgery. As an Architectural Technologist and Senior Design Manager, Steven’s career is heavily dependent on his eyesight, especially when looking at document plans as well as attending site inspections for potential projects, so there was a lot at stake.

To avoid the long waiting list that often comes with the NHS, Steven opted to go private, deciding on The Spire and surgeon, Mr Venki Sundaram, down to them both having an excellent reputation and being easily accessible to him from home.

We caught up with Steven to hear more about his surgery journey as well as his thoughts and feelings on the process and surgeon, Mr Sundaram.